Internet For All Ghana

Internet allows people to improve the quality of their life. It opens access to the previously inaccessible things. Yet, because of expensive internet data charges, over 90% smart phone users do not get access to good content on the internet
We believe mobile data should be for everyone and we understand that, for your every organization to succeed, everyone has to benefit. One place to start is to remove the barriers that hinder users from getting access to the internet. Internet4All program is designed surmount this challenge smartly with Sponsored Data Streaming Service. We achieve this by working with Mobile Network Operators and our partners to provide free mobile data to users who cannot afford.

Our Aim is to Help people use the Internet to:

Improves Quality of Life

Supports Economic Prosperity

Provides Educational Opportunities

Supports Innovation and Research

Empowers and Enables Participation in Religion & Democracy

Supports Digital Skills Proficiency

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We are able to provide free mobile data and sponspored streaming service by working with Mobile Network Operators and our partners to provide innovative mobile campaigns that increase consumer engagement and content consumption by removing data charges from apps and websites.
Basic Membership

GHC 10.00

  • 100MB Daily Mobile Data
  • Payment is for Support of the program
  • Multiple Account Registration Available
  • Recieve Daily for 28 Days
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Professional Membership

GHC 100.00

  • 1GB Daily Mobile Data
  • Payment is for Support of the program
  • Can share Data for 4 non members
  • Recieve Daily for 28 Days
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Please note: Every withdrawals will process within 24-72 depending how much you will withdraw.


Withdraw Rules

Any Members can withdraw their profit amount any time after being GHC5.00 . But can not withdraw their seed money after 30 days.


Emergency internet data bundle Request

We know, How much internet data bundle can be important! Need Internet Data? You can request for internet data bundle or your cash anytime. But in that case you have pay 20% fee of your membership fees.

Members Benefits

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This Week's Major Sponsors

We are able to provide free internet to over 100,000 members a week through the support of these and other co-operate oranizations .

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